Useful and meaningful UX design

Ease of Use translates business scenarios into proven User Experience (UX) design. We deliver well-substantiated user interface concepts that can be implemented easily by your development team.

We understand user and business needs in the broad context of user experience. This provides you with specific insights in what target users need and how they prefer to use your application. Besides user insights we will use data analytics and data modeling for designing the optimal dialogue between user and system.

Our services

Ease of Use offers a range of user experience services from workshops to interaction design on project basis. Our senior consultants have years of experience in collaborating with product managers, designers and engineers.

UX Workshop
UX Workshop

Ease of Use can organize a workshop with your development team in order to:

  • Introduce UX to developers
  • Define and visualize use cases
  • Provide user-centered product ideas
  • Help you improve your UX process
Usability Audit
Usability Audit

During a usability audit we will test your application and:

  • Report usage performance issues
  • Find new strategic opportunities
  • Compare usability with your competition
  • Suggest UX optimizations
Interaction Design
Interaction Design

Our interaction designers can participate in your development project for:

  • Defining user requirements
  • UI design and prototyping
  • Detailed requirements specification
  • SCRUM compatible UX design